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We have an important job – helping other people get jobs. We take this responsibility seriously, and that’s why we work hard to make the hiring process easier. Through collaboration, commitment, and customer service, we show how much we care.

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What We Do

At Trusted Employees, we help businesses find the right talent and create a safe work environment for their employees. We do this by providing flexible products, innovative solutions, and a people-first approach.


We work with businesses from diverse industries. Our flexible products can be tailored to meet any businesses’ specific needs.


We have a close-knit team with a strong mix of experience. Our collaboration helps us discover innovative solutions that continually improve our services.


We realize that our services are directly linked to your livelihood. That’s why we work hard to make sure our reports are always accurate and up to date.

Supporting Smart Hiring Decisions for Over 20 Years

Running employment background checks is a necessary, but sometimes complicated, step in the hiring process. Helping businesses stay compliant and find talent that keeps them moving toward their goals has been our mission for the past 20 years.

Because of our commitment to our clients, we’re constantly investing in research. The result is an employment background check service that’s easy, reliable, and thorough. We’ve always got your back.

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Committed to Providing the Best Service

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Accurate, Compliant Reports

Our background checks aren’t automated. We have real, experienced people who carefully design our background checks. Our team works diligently to make sure your reports are accurate and up to date, so that you can stay compliant.

Support When You Need It

We take customer service very seriously. We’re not a soulless automated service. When you call, you’ll get a response from a real person who’s ready to help you.

Our Commitment to Customers

Working Together for the Best Results

Our team thrives on communication and collaboration. Our shared core values mean that we work together to provide the best experience for our clients. We appreciate straightforward solutions and will always help you find the best way to deal with complex hiring scenarios.