Background Check Integrations

We work with our clients to help them effectively integrate our background check screening solutions into their systems of choice. We’ve developed an extensible integration architecture with pre-built connectors for all industry-leading applicant tracking systems.

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API & Native Integrations

REST & SOAP Integrations

Our APIs simplify the integration process for your IT team. Easily hook your systems into our platform with a minimal amount of time and effort. Trusted Employees’ flexible API means your development team has the ability to customize features and functionality based on your requirements and current system architecture. You have the option of using either SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (Representational State Transfer) web protocols. Need additional information? Our integration team will walk you through the entire process from initial needs analysis to final integration, giving you total flexibility!

Applicant Tracking Systems & More

Integrating with your applicant tracking system has never been easier. Trusted Employees flexible APIs can integrate with your applicant tracking system.  Whether you’re switching background check screening providers or rolling out a new applicant tracking system, we can help you get up and running with a minimal amount of time and effort. We have a proven application tracking system integration methodology fine-tuned over 20 years.

Applicant Tracking Systems & More