Insurance Background Screening

Insurance businesses have job-specific industry and regulatory requirements.  Trusted Employees helps you comply with these provisions.  Screen all potential candidates to ensure you have responsible and qualified employees.

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Insights into Character

Professional License Verification

Insurance agent licence requirements vary state to state.  In addition, other insurance positions have unique professional license and credential prerequisites.  Our reach spans across all 50 states.  We verify hundreds of professional licenses and credentials.  Just let us know what your specifics are and we’ll develop a cost-effective solution for your business.



Criminal Record Search

Insurance agents and employees are relied upon to conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner with their customers best interest in mind.  Forgoing a comprehensive criminal record search could come back to haunt you in more ways than one.  We conducts county-level, statewide, nationwide and federal criminal record screens that reveal whether or not the insurance agent or employee have a criminal past.

Criminal Searches
Employment Verification

Employment Verification

If you want to create and maintain an effective workforce, then you want to hire candidates that have demonstrated success in their previous job experiences. Our pre-employment verification checks involve direct communication with a candidate’s previous employers and confirm the content of an applicant’s resume and application. Don’t let a misleading applicant get a position they don’t deserve.

Reference Verification

Good employees are knowledgeable, persistent and unrelenting. To learn whether or not an applicant has these qualities, you need to verify an individual’s references.  Trusted Employees helps you save time and money by checking an applicant’s references, ensuring their authenticity.