Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Organizational preservation is a foundational principle that extends to all areas of your business.  Through employment background check risk assessment and mitigation, you overcome obstacles associated with hiring irresponsible, potentially dangerous and unqualified candidates.

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True Data Transparency

Nobody likes to be left in the dark.  With Trusted Employees, you get access to risk assessment reporting that simplifies the final hiring decision making.  Empower your hiring managers with truly comprehensive employee background check screening information.  Find and hire the best while simultaneously mitigating risk to your organization, employees and customers.

Complete Risk Assessment Reporting

As a hiring manager, you depend on good information to make informed decisions. Without the right employment screening information, you open yourself up to potentially costly and dangerous situations.   Avoid the pitfalls of making an “educated guess.” With the right data from Trusted Employees,  you know instantly whether an applicant is qualified for your organization and positions based on the thresholds you set.

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