Employment History Verification

When it comes to employment history background checks, do you know the questions you can legally ask, and how to ask them? We do. Partner with Trusted employees for 100% accurate employment history verifications.

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Past Experience is Crucial, Know the Truth

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ve probably spent a ton of money on placement agencies. It’s expensive and the hard costs only represent a small percentage of the “true” costs associated with finding and hiring a candidate. Moreover, not all employment verification screenings are created equal. Trusted Employees has 20 years experience with a dedicated team of employment verification experts who know exactly how to get you the most thorough information.

Proper Experience for Job

Proper Experience for the Job

Specific jobs require a specific skill set, and your employees need to have that experience in order to accomplish their job functions successfully. Relevant work experience isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have. However, with the hope of earning a better pay package, candidates submit manipulated job experience information. Trusted Employees checks to ensure your candidates have the experience they claim to have.

Standing with Previous Employer

Candidates leave jobs for several reasons.  Did they leave on their own accord?  Were they dismissed? Trusted Employees contacts previous employers to understand an applicant’s standing. Are they eligible for rehire or not? We pass this information along to you, so you take this information into consideration when making your hiring decision.

Standing with Previous Employer
Experience Based Approach

Experience Based Approach

Over 20 years, we’ve found that a “person to person” approach produces the best and most accurate results. What this means is our employment verification team members complete components of an individual’s verification from start to finish. The result is a clearer picture of a candidates employment history including verifiable company name, employment dates, salary and much more.