Identity Verification & Address History

Confirm the identity of your applicants without a shadow of a doubt before you hire with identity verification and address history background checks. Identity screening done right!

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Avoid Identity Fraud False Addresses

Avoid Identity Fraud & False Addresses

Stop worrying about identity fraud and theft.  Verify your most promising candidates and make your hiring decisions hassle-free. Trusted Employees insists on properly corroborating all results, so you can make intelligent decisions.

  • Peace of Mind Peace of Mind
  • Compliance Issues Compliance Issues
  • Effective Validation Effective Validation

United States Work Eligibility Verification

Many employers find work eligibility verifications complex and laborious.  Trusted Employees is an authorized agent of the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program, which provides employers with a straightforward confirmation of an employee’s legal standing.

Consent Based SSN Verification

Trusted Employees performs consent-based social security number verification services (CBSV) directly with the Social Security Administration. With prior consent of the SSN holder, we run the CBSV procedure to verify whether the SSN holder’s social security number and name match with the record on file. The verification process lets you know whether the applicant possesses a valid SSN.

Consent Based SSN Verification