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Credit History Check

Hiring the wrong candidate can quickly turn into a costly situation, especially when a new hire is assigned financial responsibilities. Our credit history checks are key to determining the potential risks associated with a candidate. Get a simple summary or a more detailed report. It’s up to you. Simply put, you get a more comprehensive view of a candidate’s credit history to help you determine if they are a fit for your organization.

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Employment Credit History Check
Employment Education Verification

Education Verification

Recent national recruitment statistics show that approximately 30% of applicants submit false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information to prospective employers. Since applicants tend to overstate their educational background more than anything else, verification is a must. Educational background verifications are relevant whether you are screening a new hire or evaluating a current employee for promotion.

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Employment Verification

Cross checking employment history on your own is time consuming, costly and opens you up to compliance issues. Our employment verification screening addresses these issues and more, so you’re always confident with your hiring decisions. We verify your applicant’s experience and dates of hire to ensure you know they can do the job. It involves direct communication with a candidate’s previous employers.

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Employment Verification
Employment Criminal Records History

Criminal Records History

Have you ever become suspicious that your criminal background check results are not giving you all the information? Trusted Employees offers a wide range of criminal record history solutions for organizations of all types. We are firmly committed to providing you with complete and accurate criminal data where all the facts are aligned and verified. You should expect nothing less, especially when an applicant’s past has implications for your future.

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Trusted Employees cut our report turn around times in half. They know how to pay attention to detail while being responsive to our individual needs in a timely manner.

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Solutions for All Industries

Our employment screening solutions are built for organizations of all sizes across numerous industries…

  • Screening Analytics & Reporting

    Analytics & Reporting

    Data analysis and reporting are vital to improve your organization’s operations. We give you the data to streamline your hiring processes and decision making.

  • Integrations

    Integrate your applicant tracking system with our flexible connectors and APIs.  Our integration team is ready to assist you throughout the entire process.

  • Employment Screening Risk Management

    Risk Assessment

    Protecting your organization from risky hires is paramount. Easily analyze candidates with risk assessment tools customized for your organizational needs.

  • Compliance

    Compliance with rules and regulations has never been more important.  Promote compliance through security, human resource practices and proven workflows.

One Solution for All Your Devices

Take your employee screening with you anywhere, on the go.  Whether your hiring team is remotely located or you want to give your applicants convenient access, Trusted Employees solutions are accessible on any device.  Get all your employment background screening data delivered to you where and when you want.

Helping Clients for Over 20 Years

Trusted Employees has continued to lead innovation in employment screening over the past 20 years.  We have consistently researched and developed new technologies and processes that simplify the employment screening process.

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Exceptional Employment Screening Solutions

By going the extra mile with your background reports, you’ll avoid many hiring
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