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Criminal Records History

When an applicant’s past has implications for your company’s future, a lot is riding on the quality of their criminal history that’s gathered through an FCRA background check. Have you ever suspected that the standard online criminal background check results are incomplete? Those typically rely on a single national crime database that’s not always up to date. Trusted Employees offers a wide range of criminal records histories for all types of job situations. Our reports contain complete, current and accurate criminal data using multiple databases and court sources.

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Employment Criminal Records History
Employment Credit History Check

Credit Background Check

Why put your company’s financial liabilities or cash accounts at risk with a new hire, without first learning whether they’ve got a spotty credit history themselves? Our FCRA background checks let you see the potential risks associated with candidates for sensitive roles. Depending on your need and the level of risk with any particular job, you can choose either a simple credit report or a detailed credit history, in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Employment Verification

When they look too good to be true, many times, they are just words on paper. Due to aggressive enforcement of labor laws, checking an applicant’s past employment record is tricky, and past employers are limited in what they can say. Learning those ropes and doing it yourself takes a lot of time. Our employment background screening process verifies their experience and dates of employment, giving you quick turnaround and the confidence that all questions were asked correctly.

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Employment Verification
Cross Check Applicant’s Reputation

Reference Verification

Checking references is a necessary but potentially tricky task if the process isn’t completed properly. Haphazardly organized questions could mean you lose the opportunity to learn about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses from a primary source. When experienced professionals are doing the employment reference verifications, you’ll always glean the key information you need.

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Education Verification

More than any other thing on their resumes, applicants mislead or include inaccuracies about their educational background. National recruitment statistics consistently show that about 30% of applicants submit false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information to prospective employers about the degrees they earned or where they went to school. Whether you are screening a new hire or evaluating a current employee for promotion, we can quickly tell you the real truth about their education and training.

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Employment Education Verification

Identity & Address

Stop worrying about identity fraud and theft. Verify your most promising candidates and make your hiring decisions hassle-free. Confirm the identity of your candidates without a shadow of a doubt before you hire. Trusted Employees offers total identity verification and background check address histories. Identity screening done right, through an identity background check, assures they are who they say.

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Trusted Employees cut our report turn around times in half. They know how to pay attention to detail while being responsive to our individual needs in a timely manner.

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Background Checks for All Industries

Whatever your business type or industry, we offer employment background screening solutions and FCRA background checks designed to meet your custom needs.

  • Screening Analytics & Reporting

    Streamlined Analytics & Reporting

    Data analysis and reporting are vital to improve your organization’s operations. We give you the data to streamline your hiring processes and decision making.

  • Easy ATS Integrations

    No need to import data manually. Integrate your applicant tracking system with our flexible connectors and APIs. Our integration team will assist you throughout the entire process.

  • Employment Screening Risk Management

    Enhanced Risk Assessment

    A flagged event in a criminal or FCRA background check only tells you so much – how do you assess the actual risk? Our risk assessment tools allow you to interpret results and make informed decisions.

  • Built-In Compliance

    Compliance with employment rules and regulations can be a legal minefield. Our screening process promotes compliance through security, human resource practices, and proven workflows.

One Solution for All Your Devices

Take your employee screening with you anywhere, on the go. Trusted Employees solutions are accessible on any device – Android or iOS. Get all your employment background screening data delivered to you where and when you want.

Helping Clients for Over 20 Years

Trusted Employees has been leading innovation in employment background screening for over 20 years. The new technologies and processes we’ve introduced through our research and development teams are second to none.

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