Specialty Screening Solutions

Don’t miss out on crucial background information by skipping more comprehensive searches. We’ve got you covered with a full suite of specialty screening solutions designed to make sure you get the information you need to make smart hiring decisions.

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Form I 9 & E-Verify

Form I-9 & E-Verify

According to the Immigration and Control Act of 1986, all employers must verify the eligibility of newly employed workers, making it illegal to hire unauthorized staff. Trusted Employees makes this verification process a breeze by offering E-Verify and Form I-9 solutions. Our fast employee eligibility verification process simplifies your company’s onboarding procedures for new personnel.

Driving & Motor Vehicle Records

Trusted Employees compiles a comprehensive report regarding a candidate’s driving record and motor vehicle information. Easily obtain driving records across the United States from state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) departments.  Did you know that in some states you can only access convictions for driving under the influence from the DMV? Moreover, any industry overseen by the Department of Transportation requires employers to check employee driving records on a periodic basis.

Driving & Vehicle
Drug Screening

Drug Screening

Trusted Employees provides drug testing and screening that meet government regulations, fulfill your drug testing policy requirements and maintain required industry standards.  Most organizations screen for drugs prior to employment, but you may also want to periodically check your employees on the job.  Over 20 years, we’ve built an extensive network of drug screening partnerships guaranteeing you and your employees have easy access to one of our conveniently located testing centers. We can also coordinate onsite drug screening, if this is an option you prefer.

Credential & Licensing

Do you hire employees that need to have specific professional licenses and credentials? If so, Trusted Employees is able to verify all of your applicant’s professional licenses and credentials to ensure eligibility.  Professional license verification ensures adherence to internal standards, security of clients and employees, and integrity of overall business operations.

Credential & Licensing