Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Pre-Employment drug screening is subject to government regulations, industry oversight, and your own employment drug testing policy. That’s a lot to navigate. Let us handle it for you, with flexible options to create a drug testing program that fits your organization.

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Range Drug Testing Partners

Range of Drug Testing Partners

In addition to having a wide range of drug testing services, we make it easy and convenient for your applicants and employees. We’ve teamed up with a number of industry leading drug testing partners to create a nationwide network of collection sites.  Be confident that you’ll be able to find a location that is close to your organization, applicants and employees.

Urine & Saliva Testing

Don’t know if you want to test urine or saliva?  Unlike most, you have the option of both with Trusted Employees.  Regardless which you select, a sample is taken and sent to one of our partner labs for analysis. Both testing protocols have their advantages and disadvantages. We can help you decide which is best suited for your  organization based on your specific drug screening requirements.

Urine Saliva Testing
Online Event Scheduling

Online Event Scheduling

Our online scheduling simplifies the entire drug screening process from initial scheduling to collection.  Moreover, you have access to real-time updates throughout the entire process, including status updates.  Managing this on your own is a huge headache, demanding considerable effort and time.  Rely on our team and network of partners to streamline the entire process, ensuring timely turnaround with full visibility into each step.

On-Site Services

If you choose and have an extensive test population, Trusted Employees is able to coordinate drug screens on site (i.e. at your premises) for your convenience.   It’s the exact same drug testing done at the clinics with the same reliability, but at your office. We know your hiring managers and employees have very busy schedules, so we created an on-site drug screening option.

On Site Services

Medical Review Officers

Trusted Employees has Medical Review Officers (MROs) who review and verify results to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process. Our MRO services enhance the reliability and validity of your drug screening results by making sure proper protocols were followed throughout the testing process. MRO reviews are also important in situations where an applicant or employee is not hired or fired because of the drug screen result.