The United States is Slowly Going Back to Work 24 Jul 2020


After a tremendous loss felt around the world and with a whopping 20.5 million jobs lost in the United States according to the Labor Department, we are starting to see a positive trend.

With promising job reports in both May and June, we hope to see the decrease in unemployment numbers as the summer continues. With unemployment declining to 11.1 percent or around 17.8 million jobs, rates are still up by 7.6 percent from February this year.

Temporarily furloughed employees also decreased both in May and June, settling at 10.6 million. Unfortunately, the number of permanent jobs lost continues to increase month over month as we see businesses succumbing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industries hiring fast

The real winners of the June job report are those hit immediately during the shutdown phase of flattening the curve. Of the 4.8 million jobs gained in June, nearly half of those were from the leisure and hospitality industry with an increase of 2.1 million jobs.

Runners up in terms of those affected by the shutdown include retail, which increases 740,000 jobs with shops opening, mostly those in the clothing and clothing accessory stores.

Employment opportunities in the health and education services rose again in June, but are still 1.8 million jobs behind where they were in February. Dentist offices were the main source of employment with 190,000 jobs and physicians and health practitioners following up with 128,000 jobs combined.

Education rose in the private sector, adding 93,000 jobs in June.

Manufacturing, another surprise in terms of industries being hit by the pandemic, rose by 356,000 jobs – nearly half of what is was in February.

May and June’s job reports are welcome in a time where workers are ready to get back to work and employers are ready to reopen.

Make sure you are hiring who you think you are

As the job market slowly rebounds and the future is unknown, it is important to ensure your candidates check out during the pre-employment process. In a time when both employers and candidates are working diligently to return to their new normal, do not undo all your progress with hiring unqualified candidates. The cost of not running a pre-employment background check could end up being a downfall to your businesses recovery.

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As we hope to see the job market continue to increase through the remainder of the year, stand ready and find the most qualified candidates.