5 Elements of a Killer Job Posting 27 Jan 2018


They say it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and too often, business owners overlook these small, but hugely consequential factors. When recruiting for a position, one aspect that is sometimes neglected is the job posting. This brief, concise statement does more than list out the duties and preferred qualifications; it serves to pique a candidate’s interest and convince those who might not otherwise apply to take a closer look.

You don’t need to hire an ad agency to get it right. With these five tips you’ll be on your way to writing a killer job posting.

  1. Catch Them with a Headline. As we all know by now, a strong headline is key to getting someone to click on a page and read further. Be concise and intriguing, but resist the temptation to be “clickbaity” or misleading.
  2. Speak with the Reader in Mind. Think beyond bullet points. Instead, take the reader through a day in the life of this role. Take the time to flesh out the daily duties and overall responsibilities required by the role.
  3. Paint a Picture of the Ideal Candidate. This is another personalization strategy. Take the time to define the ideal qualifications, skills, experience, certifications, and personality traits the perfect candidate will have. It’s more likely that your ideal candidate will see themselves in this description than they will in a list of abstract “duties” or “qualifications.”
  4. Talk About Your Culture. Qualifications and experience are key to finding the right fit for the role you’re looking to fill, but for a person to truly thrive, and for your organization to fully benefit from them, you need to be sure they fit in with your organization’s culture. When describing your culture, don’t try to sound cool and fun only because that might result in more applicants. Be honest!
  5. Give Them Something to Visualize. We live in a visual world, so while having a pithy, engaging job posting can do a lot for you, you should also provide prospective candidates with a visual peek into your organization. Provide a few photos, or if available, a video showcasing your organization’s people and work environment.

A stellar job posting is the first step in finding that perfect someone who will thrive in your organization. To learn more about how we at Trusted Employees can help ensure that you’ve found the right candidate, contact us at any time.