8 Ways to Advertise a Job Position and Get the Right Employee on Board 4 Oct 2018


As a business owner, you want to fill open positions as fast as possible. Did you know this is becoming harder than ever? A 2015 study found that the average time it takes to fill a position is 52 days, and certain industries can take even longer to fill.

To make the most of the time you spend hiring, you need to reach as many job candidates as you can. But in the overflowing sea of job listings, how can you keep yours afloat?

In this article, you’ll learn 8 ways to advertise a job position and make it stand out to job applicants.

1. Post on the Right Job Boards

With so many different types of job listings, it can be difficult for job applicants to find the one they’re looking for. It can also be hard for employers to get their job postings noticed by qualified people. That’s why there are specialized job boards that cater to different industries or job requirements.

For example, if you needed to hire someone for a high-level management position, you would want to post that job listing on Ladders or a similar website that only deals with that kind of job position. This puts your job listing in front of qualified people who are interested in that type of job. But what if the job you’re trying to fill doesn’t have special requirements or isn’t covered by a specific job board?

In that case, you may want to post your job listing on a more general job board. The most popular include Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder. The high level of traffic on these sites means your listing will be seen by a large number of job candidates.

2. Try a Sponsored Job Ad

If you want to save money while hiring, use a sponsored job ad. A sponsored job ad is performance-based, meaning the amount you pay for the ad is determined by how many people look at it or contact you about it. This type of job ad can save you money because you only pay when people interested in the job view the listing, as opposed to paying for everyone who uses the website.

3. Use a Job Slot

Using a job slot can save you money if you have a lot of job positions to fill. A job slot is a piece of digital property that you can use to advertise job postings for a flat rate. Unlike other kinds of job ads, you can post multiple job ads during the time you have the job slot. It’s basically a job posting rental space, where you can put any job listing you want in the time frame you have it. This makes it ideal for businesses who have a lot of job openings because they can use the space for multiple job ads without having to pay every time they post a new job ad.

4. Make a Video About Your Job Openings

Man making a job posting video

Although job boards and ads are a great way to promote your job listing, they aren’t able to make your business stand out to potential employees. One way you can make your business stand out to potential applicants is by making a video that explains your business and the job you want to fill. You can then post this video to social media sites and on your company’s website.

Having your company stand out to potential employees helps you hire by making a memorable first impression on job candidates and giving your job applicants more information about the job position.

5. Promote Your Brand

One of the most significant problems small businesses have with hiring is brand visibility. If job applicants haven’t heard of your company, they’re not going to search for your job openings. It can also be difficult to stand out to job applicants in the sea of small businesses.

That’s why promoting your brand is a great way to find job candidates. You can do this by telling your brand’s story and why it’s different from other companies. This can get candidates excited to work with you. You can also promote your brand by using positive language in your marketing and talking about your business on podcasts or blog posts to show people you’d be a good employer. It also gives job applicants more information about your company’s culture and what your company’s goals and values are.

6. Go Where the Job Applicants Go

Now that you’ve put your ad online and have promoted your brand, it’s time to go where the job applicants are. Going to job fairs and industry conventions is a great way to advertise your job because it puts you in contact with people who are interested in the kind of jobs you need filled. It also lets the job applicants ask any questions they have about the job or business so they can better understand the job position or company culture.

7. Look Outside the Box

If the job you’re hiring for doesn’t need special technical skills, consider hiring someone who may not have experience with the job, but has qualities required for the job. For example, if you’re hiring someone to deal with customer complaints, you may hire someone who has no experience but is very patience and easy going because those qualities are needed for the job.

If the job you’re hiring for requires a low level of skills or certification, you could find someone who has the qualities needed for the job, and then you can have them earn those certifications or skills before starting work.

8. Use Recruitment Software

For most business owners time is always in short supply. Recruitment software can automate many of the tasks that take up your time and make hiring a pain. For example, some recruitment software providers will help with posting jobs online, track your applicants automatically, and automate your interviewing process.

You may be interested in streamlining your talent acquisition process but not know where to start. If that’s your situation this resource from FitSmallBusiness has curated some popular software choices which can make the decision process a lot easier.

You Advertised the Position, but How Do You Make the Hire?

In this article, we’ve considered 8 ways you can advertise a job to get the right employee on board. But, what comes next? Once you’ve found the right talent and are ready to hire you may get stuck again. To help our fellow business owners with this problem we’ve created an 11-step checklist to help you streamline your hiring process. Get started by downloading Trusted Employees ebook Supercharge Your Hiring Process today.