Why Would a Small Business Abandon Their Background Check Company? 9 Sep 2019


You’ve been with your background check company for years. Sometimes, the only consistent part of your evolving hiring process is your screening provider. However, lately, your relationship with your screening provider is cooling off.

What’s the problem? They’re not responsive to your concerns. Applicants aren’t happy with your hiring process and neither are you. What should you do if your provider is causing more issues than they’re fixing?

Some businesses get so fed up with their screening company that the business owner decides to abandon ship. Finding a new background check company is a drastic step. It may even scare you to think of leaving behind all the work you’ve put into your current provider. How do you know when it’s time to pack up and go?

Let’s learn three common background check practices that drive businesses away. We’ll also examine why these practices are dangerous for your company.

Your Screening Provider Is Sending Inaccurate Results

Background check results can influence whether you hire or reject an applicant. However, false screening reports could creep in and destroy someone’s job prospects. How?

Many background check sources are missing information or including incorrect data. For instance, the FBI’s criminal records are incomplete. Many FBI arrest records are missing crucial details, such as whether the person was charged with a crime or released without charge.

Screening reports may also turn up information you can’t legally use. Any arrest records or convictions older than 7 years need to be filtered out of your background check results.

If you don’t receive accurate results, you’ll end up using incorrect data to make hiring decisions. Receiving inaccurate reports deprives you of incredible candidates. False results can also drag your business into serious legal trouble.

Some screening providers have a habit of giving out false results. Checkr, a background check company, was sued multiple times because its background checks contained inaccurate information. One lawsuit included so many victims that the business had to pay out nearly $4.5 million.

Background check companies that provide inaccurate results can lead your business into a lawsuit. However, even accurate results can get buried underneath complicated online platforms and paperwork. It may be so confusing that you decide to pack up and go.

You’re Sick of Dealing With Confusing Platforms and Paperwork

Is your screening company holding your results hostage? Getting paper or online results you can’t access slows down your hiring. A lagging hiring process gives competitors a chance to steal your applicants.

If your provider only offers paper results, you need to sort through it. One study found that 82% of employees waste half an hour each day searching for essential information. Wading through paperwork frustrates you and clogs up your hiring.

Paperwork is time-consuming, but the alternative might not be efficient either. Your background check company’s online platform might be confusing or complicated. Complex platforms force you to spend hours with tech support to get your results.

Even when you can figure out their platform, you may not be able to access it. Some platforms don’t work on mobile devices. One study found that 40.61% of web traffic in the U.S. is from mobile devices. Without mobile access, your results could be held captive when you need them.

If your screening provider only offers paperwork or a confusing platform, your hiring process will come to a standstill. Even if you can handle a bogged down hiring process, there’s one issue that hits small businesses hard: a high price.

Business owner reviewing the high cost of their current background check company’s services.

Your Provider’s Prices Are Too High for Comfort

Every part of your hiring budget is carefully calculated. From job boards to recruiters, each expense is planned and accounted for in advance. Unfortunately, your screening company’s prices are soaring. As a small business, you can’t afford to spend upwards of $80 every time you hire.

Expensive background check packages make hiring even harder for small companies. The average U.S. employer spends $4,000 per hire. When you add that to an increased payroll and training costs, your business can’t absorb pricy background checks.

Costly screening reports may hold you back from looking for more employees. Avoiding new hires can stall your business’ growth and put a strain on your existing staff. With 11.5 million jobs projected to appear between 2016 and 2026, you’ll have to hire eventually.

Paying more can be worth the price if you get guaranteed accurate results, but not every company can afford it. Some providers do offer discounts if you request a high number of background checks. You can also shop around and see if you can find providers that give truthful results without a high price tag.

Paying too much can cause any business to hit the road and leave their screening provider behind. When background check companies charge high prices, use confusing platforms, or send inaccurate reports, it hurts your business and your hiring process. Is it time to abandon your screening provider?

Do You Need to Move On?

You and your background check company just aren’t working out. The screener is causing more problems than it’s solving. Is it time to leave your background check company behind?

Screening providers that send inaccurate results stop you from finding the right hire. Even if your results are correct, you can’t use them if your provider only uses confusing paper results or platforms. Finally, prices that are too high for your business makes hiring even harder than usual. If your screening provider is committing these three blunders, you need to move on.

Sometimes relationships don’t work out. Leaving your background check company behind is a drastic step, but it can save your hiring process. Is it time for you to move on from your screening provider? Breaking up with your screening provider may be the best decision you can make for your business.