Components of a Thorough Background Check 1 Dec 2017


Part of what makes conducting a job search so rewarding is that you meet people who have diverse, intriguing backgrounds. Of course, this also makes conducting a job search difficult. Not only are there a number of different candidates from which to choose, but there are many sides to each candidate and each one will have certain strengths and weaknesses. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, people contain multitudes. A few interviews are not enough to get an exhaustive picture of them.

That’s why a comprehensive background check is so important. Think of it as a way to get a snapshot of the many different aspects of a person. This gives you a more complete picture of who they are and whether they are right for your organization.

Companies and Industries that Benefit from a Comprehensive Background Check

It’s important to remember that the employee screening process is a customizable affair. Depending on your organization, the position you’re hiring for, and what you want to achieve, we can create a fully customized package that caters to your organization.

That being said, there are a number of positions and industries where a comprehensive background check should be an essential part of the hiring process. For instance:

  • Any position where the candidate would work with kids. Safety is the immediate concern here, but in addition, many times, those who work with kids are required to have specific training, licensing, and experience.
  • Any job that requires specialized certifications or licenses, especially in the healthcare industry and any legal positions where character counts.
  • A position where someone might come in contact with sensitive financial and personal information. These positions require a high degree of experience, education, and accountability, all of which can be verified through a thorough employee screening.

What’s Included in a Comprehensive Background Check?

To perform a complete background check, we take a deep dive into the following areas:

  • Criminal Records History. For many employers, this is the among the most important areas to screen for. Aware of how important a criminal background check is for maintaining a safe workplace, we offer a range of complete, thorough criminal background checks that draw on a number of databases (including court records, incarceration records, and sex offender lists) to fit any number of job situations.
  • Credit Background Check. For many positions, you need to trust your employees to responsibly handle and manage assets and cash accounts. Can you do this without first knowing how they handle their own money? A credit background check will shed light on any potential risks in this area.
  • Identity and Address. In the age of identity theft and fraud, erasing all doubt about the identity of your most promising candidates is a must-do before extending an offer. Our identity verification process will confirm a candidate’s Social Security number and address histories.
  • Employment Verification. Experience is a huge factor when deciding on a hire. The last thing you need is to hire someone who lied about their employment history and is in fact underqualified for the position. Because there are complicated laws around checking someone’s past employment history, it’s vital you partner with an agency that knows the legal ins and outs to produce a 100 percent accurate employment report.
  • Education Verification. Around 30 percent of applicants embellish their educational background. Our education verification method will ensure you’re not hiring someone with a padded educational background or a degree from a diploma mill.
  • Credentials Verification and Licensing. As with a candidate’s education, you want to be sure they really have the credentials and licenses they say they have. In many instances, an unlicensed employee could get you into legal trouble, which makes this an essential step for protecting your business.
  • DMV and MVR Background Checks. A clean driving record is important for a number of jobs, not just those that require driving. We’ll check to see if your candidate has a valid driver’s license, check on their accident history, ticket history, and history (if any) of reckless driving or Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
  • Reference Verification. Character references are one of the best ways to get a more complete picture of someone you might hire. We contact references and interview them in a way that will help you determine if this candidate embodies your core values and is a good fit.
  • Drug Screening. Pre-employment drug screening involves a lot of government regulations to navigate, and that’s where we shine. We’ve teamed with a number of drug-testing experts to create a nationwide network of testing and collecting sites so you can get accurate results quickly.

What Isn’t Included in a Comprehensive Background Check?

Of course, not all of a candidate’s records can be reviewed. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal piece of legislation that regulates and sets standards for employment screening conducted by a third party, known in legalese as a “consumer reporting agency.” The FCRA prohibits the following from being reported:

  • Civil suits, civil judgments, and records of arrest that occurred over seven years ago
  • Tax liens that have been paid off for more than seven years
  • Accounts placed for collection after seven years
  • Any negative information (excluding criminal convictions) that occurred more than seven years ago
  • Bankruptcies that occurred over 10 years ago

Have questions? With more than 20 years of experience, our team at Trusted Employees knows the legal ins and outs and has the experience to perform a thorough, accurate background check that perfectly fits your organization.