Conducting a Driving Record Check for Employment 27 Nov 2017


Many who are hiring for an office job, or any position where the responsibilities don’t involve driving, may wonder why they should look at a candidate’s driving record for employment. The reason is that an employee driving record can give insights into a person’s character and help to give you a fuller picture of who they are. A challenge every hiring manager faces involves finding someone who is a fit for their company. Though the right fit includes more obvious factors such as education and experience, there is also the question of personality and whether the person is a good match for an organization’s culture.

This is hard to determine through a few interviews.

By revealing a history of accidents, ticket, DUIs, or the lack thereof, an employee driving record can shed light on how reliable and responsible an individual is. This isn’t to say a good worker is someone with a spotless driving record, but such information does add some color to who they are.

At Trusted Employees, we know that organizations have various reasons for looking at a candidate’s record. Therefore, we do a thorough check that goes above and beyond what many would expect.

Here’s what we do:

  • We check the status of the driver’s license to see if it is valid. You get a full report on the class of license, endorsements, suspensions, citations, restrictions, and accident history.
  • We dive deeper into this report and retrieve the accident history and deliver the results on your desktop.
  • For minor offenses, such as moving violations, records generally go back three or five years, though some states will go back as many as 10 years.
  • Whether driving is part of an employee’s work duties or not, a record of drunk driving can be cause for concern. Trusted Employees will pull records and check for any instances of a DUI.
  • The final component in our driving record for employment screening process is to report on any instances of reckless driving. This is a serious crime, is classified as a misdemeanor, and is viewed as a threat to public safety. Multiple offenses can result in a candidate forfeiting their vehicle and losing their license.

Learning about a candidate’s driving record is an invaluable step in the hiring process, and with our experience, you can be sure it is done quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.