Customer Story: How Church Mutual Reduced Support Requests and Increased Its Quality of Service with Trusted Employees 2 Oct 2018



Church Mutual Insurance Company is a leading provider of insurance solutions for houses of worship, schools, camps, conference centers, senior living facilities, and non-profit and human services organizations nationwide. Church Mutual is committed to providing the very best customer service to its policyholders, so they can focus on their important work. Trusted Employees works directly with Church Mutual to provide the best experience to its customers, complementing the work done by Church Mutual’s customer service teams and Risk Control Dept.

About Church Mutual

Over the years, Church Mutual has garnered an excellent reputation in its core business of insuring houses of worship and is expanding its focus to serve more organizations in compatible niches. Through subsidiaries such as CM Vantage, CM Select, CM Regent, and CM Solutions, it’s able to provide risk control and insurance support to a wide range of organizations in many different niches.

The Challenge with Background Checks and Pre-employment Screening

Church Mutual works with a customer base that values active, responsive customer service. Other background screening providers did not provide the level of service that Church Mutual needed for its customers. In some cases, the Church Mutual team would need to wait on hold a considerable amount of time to ask simple questions or discuss billing.

Additionally, its customers have a very wide range of requirements. Houses of worship, non-profits and schools have specific background reports that are important to them. At times, they may also need to perform background checks on volunteers to ensure they won’t create an additional hazard while working with an organization.

How Trusted Employees Met the Challenge

Trusted Employees took the time to work with the Church Mutual team and understand its customers’ needs. Then we implemented team members’ feedback to ensure our process fit their needs. This resulted in a better customer experience, and as a bonus, Church Mutual received fewer support requests from its customers.

We were also able to create custom background checks to meet the needs of Church Mutual’s diverse clients. At times, this involves recommending background checks that are specific to their state, industry, or the position they’re hiring for. But, it also means navigating them through the ins and outs of background checks.

How Church Mutual Improved Its Background Check Process

Since working with Trusted Employees, Church Mutual has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of questions it receives regarding background checks. This has freed up its internal team to focus on other areas of the business and has helped to reduce customer frustrations.

Another concern that Church Mutual had was educating clients on how to use background check data when making hiring decisions. Trusted Employees reps have educated Church Mutual’s clients on the right way to use background check data. This work reduces the risk of compliance issues and helps its clients to better protect themselves from making the wrong hire.

Why Background Checks Matter for Risk Management

Whether you’re mitigating risk for your clients, as is the case of Church Mutual, or mitigating risk within your own business, background checks matter. A background check gives you the information you need to avoid making a potentially hazardous hire that could harm others and even your organization’s reputation.

In industries where compliance matters, such as healthcare, insurance, and security, Trusted Employees is up to the challenge. We’re ready to partner with you and help you get the background reports you need to make hiring smart, safe, and easy.