Why Is a Driving Record Check a Must for Employment? 15 Oct 2017


What do you need to screen for in a background check?

Many small business owners will answer that the most important things they need to have checked are a potential employee’s work history, their criminal record, and education.

What about checking on a candidate’s driving record for employment? Of course, if this person is applying for a job based heavily on driving, such as a truck driver or a driving-intensive role in sales, then you definitely want to get a motor vehicle report.

Otherwise, there’s really no need for this extra step, is there?

Contrary to some commonly held assumptions, there are many important reasons why all businesses, particularly small businesses, should include a driving record as part of their screening process.

1. Reliability.

America has been built around the automobile, and it’s common for many workers to commute 30 or 40 minutes each day. To do this, they rely on their vehicle and likewise, you rely on them to safely and consistently arrive at the office or the job site on time.

In this regard, a driving record checkered with speeding tickets and accidents could be a red flag. It would signal that this person may run into trouble, whether through a suspended license or getting into another accident that would prevent them from getting to work.

2. Character.

The point of a background check is to mitigate risk. It’s a way to ensure you are taking on someone who has a trustworthy character. With this in mind, a driving record can tell you a lot about a person. Multiple speeding tickets might tell you they are reckless, while a DWI might say something about their tendency to make poor decisions. Of course, there are many people who are careful and trustworthy but have a lead foot, but as you work to create a complete picture of the individual you are hiring, a driving record can give valuable insights you might not otherwise have.

3. Changing responsibilities.

It’s not uncommon for employees in a small business to wear multiple hats. Roles are defined, but duties can frequently change. If there is any aspect of your business that might involve driving, whether to an offsite location or for a company-related errand, a driver’s check is an invaluable step to take.

Want to ensure your hire has a safe driving record? Trusted Employees has access to driving and vehicle records across the U.S. No matter where your potential hire lives or has lived, we can provide the data you need to make the right hiring decision.