Is Your Hiring Process Ready for Generation Z? 10 Jun 2019


Sixty-one million workers are about to enter the workforce. Is your hiring process ready to take on a new generation of workers?

Getting ready for young applicants is a must if you need new hires. Many companies are ill-equipped for the next generation’s unique perspective on hiring. You’ll need to update your hiring system if you’re going to draw in any of these new workers.

Transforming your hiring system helps your business attract young, talented workers. How can you hire the next generation? Let’s find out what Generation Z is and then consider some tips for hiring this new wave of workers.

Generation Z Is Different From Your Current Workforce

Generation Z, or Gen Z, refers to people born in the mid-nineties to shortly after 2010. The experiences this group had as they were growing up will result in them bringing new strengths to their workplace.

Generation Z is incredibly tech savvy. They are used to searching multiple websites to find information, which makes them effective multitaskers. They are also adept at working independently and interested in developing new skills. Gen Z also values building and maintaining positive work relationships. This generation’s strengths make them valuable employees. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t focused on hiring them.

Your hiring process was probably designed to appeal to previous generations. That’s not going to work with Generation Z. They have their own goals, values, and standards; and, they expect you to adapt to them. How can you adjust your hiring process to Gen Z job applicants? You can start with the kind of jobs you offer.

Try Being a Little More Flexible

The traditional 9-to-5 job isn’t ideal for Generation Z. After growing up with the convenience of being able to get work done anywhere on mobile devices, they enjoy flexibility. Adaptable hours and remote work options appeal to young applicants who want more control over their work life.

Job flexibility doesn’t just mean a break from the traditional schedule. Generation Z also appreciates flexible job duties. Job positions with diverse assignments are best for Gen Z, who may tire quickly of repetitive tasks.

Flexible job options get Gen Z applicants interested, but you still need to get on their radar. How do you get your job posting in front of young job candidates?

Keep Your Business Mobile Friendly

Generation Z youth searching for job openings on their cellphone

Generation Z likes to use their smartphones for everything. In fact, 31 percent of Gen Z job seekers use online job boards to find the best job opportunities. Posting your open jobs on mobile-friendly job boards gets your job openings in front of Gen Z candidates.

That’s not all Gen Z does on their smartphones. Before these applicants decide to apply for a job, they often research the company. Bad reviews on business review sites, like Glassdoor, are a red flag for potential employees. Following up on your business’s reviews shows applicants that you care about improving your business.

Now that Gen Z has found your job opening and applied, you need to put them through your hiring process. Unfortunately, your hiring process could end up driving young applicants away.

Your Hiring Experience Should Wow Them

A lengthy hiring process isn’t going to work with the younger generation. An application process that’s too time-consuming or requires a large amount of paperwork will cause Gen Z applicants to bail. Keep your application questions and paperwork to a minimum. Make applying easy by letting applicants upload resumes and other documents.

Once your application process is streamlined and mobile ready, work on improving your interview process. A dynamic interview process gives Gen Z candidates a favorable impression of your business. Younger workers also appreciate the option of video interviews. Having an enjoyable interview environment will also work toward creating a positive candidate experience.

Your hiring process has come a long way. Do you feel ready for Generation Z now?

Are You Ready for the Next Generation?

Your hiring process is starting to feel dated. No matter how lucrative your job offers are, old hiring methods won’t attract young job candidates.

To appeal to a broader range of candidates, update your hiring process with the next generation in mind. Start by offering flexible job options, which will attract Gen Z applicants who want more control over their work. Post open jobs on mobile-friendly job boards to get them in front of younger candidates. Finally, create a positive impression of your company by giving applicants an enjoyable hiring process.

Bringing your hiring process up to speed takes some work, but it proves to young applicants that you’re willing to adapt to them. Showing applicants that you care about their needs attracts the young hires your business needs to grow in the future.