How Long Will It Take to Get My Background Check Results? 28 Nov 2017


Definition of Background Check Results: Background check results usually include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history of an applicant. The aim of background checks is to ensure the safety and security of the employees.

People often ask us if there is such a thing as an instant background check. There is, but they are notoriously unreliable, and we don’t recommended that employers use them.

We understand why organizations would want a quick report. By the time they get to the background screening, most employees are eager to know the background check time frame and how long it will take. After all, no matter where you are in the hiring process, it can sometimes seem like you can’t hire a candidate fast enough. Nonetheless, you want to make sure you hire the right person. That is why it’s important to take the necessary precautions. When speaking of precautions, check out our “Social Media Background Checks: What You Need to Know in 2017” article to make sure you know all about online employee checkup.

At Trusted Employees, we usually have a report available in one to three business days. We say “usually” because every background check is unique. Naturally, it is different in terms of the variables we run in our screening and the individual we screen.

Many people may think that the more detailed a report, the longer it will take to get the background check results. This is not necessarily the case. No matter what’s included in the background report (e.g., employment verification, driver’s license check, reference check), we quickly contact the necessary people and agencies. Delays tend to happen on the other end.

Reasons for delay

Some states have a slower turnaround time for background check results

There are multiple reasons why the process sometimes gets stalled. For instance, some states have a slower turnaround time for responding to a request for a driver’s license report. Or, it might be difficult to reach the former employer the applicant put down as a reference. Some particular types of screenings, such as FBI background checks, can take months to complete. Fortunately, those aren’t a requirement for many jobs.

Quickening the process of Background Check Results

The best way to get the Background Check Results fast is to provide as much information as possible

We do our best to work with state agencies and other sources who provide the information we need. However, one of the best ways to expedite the background check process is to provide us with as much information as possible. A candidate’s full name and all the identifying information will help us sort through individuals with the same name.

Finally, we truly understand the desire to quickly receive a report back. But, beware of partnering with background screening companies that “guarantee” a one- or two-day turnaround. Can you guarantee the references will be available or that certain offices will respond right away? No one can guarantee this! But, at Trusted Employees, we have proven ways to expedite the process so you can get an accurate and detailed report within one to three business days.