Results of NAPBS Background Check Survey of HR Pros 23 Mar 2018


Definition of NAPBS Background Check Survey: NAPBS Background Check Survey is The National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Recently, it conducted the national survey of 1,528 human resources professionals. NAPBS Background Check Survey investigated how companies approach background screening in order to identify today’s trends and practices.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) recently commissioned to conduct a national survey of more than 1,500 human resource professionals to get their thoughts on background screenings. The NAPBS wanted to know if HR pros are using background checks in their hiring practices, and if so, when and why. The results are in, and they couldn’t be more clear.

NAPBS Background Check Survey Proves that Checks Are Nearly Universal


NAPBS Background Check Survey

Nearly all of the employers surveyed — 96 percent — said their organization conducts one or more types of employment background checks for job candidates.

Background Checks Are Used by Companies of All Shapes and Sizes, Primarily after an Interview or Job Offer

Companies large and small conduct background checks. For example, 52 percent of the survey respondents are coming from companies with 99 employees or fewer. Furthermore, 24 percent are coming from companies with 24 employees or fewer. Usually, most employers conduct the screenings after a job interview or conditional job offer.

Safety Is the Number One Reason

NAPBS Background Check Survey

Workplace security and safety is all over the news these days. So it’s not surprising that, at a time when workplace shootings and other forms of violence are becoming more prevalent, employers cited safety as the top reason they conduct background checks. A full 89 percent stated they conduct background checks to protect employees, customers, and others in the workplace. Other reasons cited? Well, it’s not hard to guess. To improve the quality of new hires (53 percent), protect company reputation (45 percent), and follow laws/regulations (44 percent).

What Are They Checking For?

The vast majority of respondents (97 percent) include a criminal history check in their screenings. Obviously, it correlates with the top reason most companies are conducting screenings — safety. For more information on safety, check out our article that talks about “How to Lawfully Reject a Candidate After a Negative Employment Criminal Background Check.”

The Top Challenge? The Length of Time Background Checks Take

Nearly all HR pros surveyed (98 percent) recognize the need for accuracy in background checks. However, at the same time, 62 percent cite the length of time it takes to get the results of the screens as the most significant challenge their organization faces. Additionally, state and local laws, which seem to be ever changing, contribute to the delays.

Finally, the results are clear. Background checks allow hiring professionals to make informed decisions about their job candidates. They also ensure safety in their workplaces, retain their employees, and mitigate risk.

At Trusted Employees, we know the importance of all types of background screening, from employment verification to criminal history to credential verification and more. The next time you’re hiring, we’re here to help.