Screening Add-Ons: Why Should I Use a Reference Checking Service? 31 Oct 2017


Employee screenings are designed to help you find the best employee possible. But what makes a good employee? It seems to be a simple question, but ultimately, there are no simple answers. Even factors like education and experience, which are fairly straightforward and measurable, can’t definitively tell you if the person will be right for the job.

In addition, most would agree that for almost any job, a candidate’s character can tell you whether or not they will thrive in your particular business environment. The short time you have during an interview isn’t really enough to reach a definitive conclusion on whether a candidate fits.

Even when one is diligent, the amount of uncertainty in making a hiring decision leads many business owners and hiring managers to ask for references. This is a personalized way to learn more about the person and get closer to reaching a hiring decision.

Because cross-checking a candidate’s references is an opportunity to learn about your applicant from a primary source, you would think that employers wouldn’t skip this crucial step. However, due to resource constraints, many employers do skip it, perhaps with the assumption that candidates will always be truthful about the names they put down.

But you can’t be overly cautious.

Performing a reference check should be a standard part of hiring any employee. We realize that doing so takes time, and that’s why at Trusted Employees we have specialized reference check and verification experts who can research a candidate’s references.

Whether you want one or all of your candidate’s references checked, our specialists will make contact and assess their reputation, character, and qualifications, so you can make a more informed choice when hiring.